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Why Tigris

Modern serverless applications are often built using multiple databases and data infrastructure components - from search, to document stores, to event streaming systems. Each of these components will have different access patterns, use different data models, have specialized APIs or query languages, and require constant tuning and optimization. Each of these components also need to be set up, managed, and maintained using different skill sets.

This diverse and complex data infrastructure comes at a significant cost to the developers and forces them to spend their time on infrastructure management instead of building their applications.

Tigris changes this development paradigm! Tigris combines the most commonly used components and data services in an open source developer data platform, supporting multiple data models and data access patterns.

With a unified, serverless API that spans search, indexing, event streaming, and transactional document store, developers can focus on building their applications and stop worrying about the data infrastructure.

Eliminate complexity and speed up development

1. De-clutter developer’s minds: Less time messing with data, more time building cool apps

Tigris combines all your data into a single system creating a rich user experience. Spend less time troubleshooting, learning new database languages, and maintaining complicated systems. Speed up development and focus on what you do best with Tigris’s unified API that combines storage, query, search, and streaming.

2. Power your mission critical applications: Reliability without operations management

With its self-managing, infrastructureless design, Tigris is built to scale. It comes with built-in distributed fault tolerance and automated data recovery, so you can feel confident using our platform to run your most crucial applications.

3. Automatic Indexing: No need to continuously tune and optimize your data model and queries

Forget query tuning. Automatic index management and maintenance are built right in. Enjoy accelerated queries and instantly search through all your data in real time.

4. Flexibility without complexity: Customizable structures for all your data needs

Never feel limited by your database again. Schema changes are as simple and painless as regular feature development and our flexible document model is built to handle a wide variety of use cases while also allowing for the storage of an infinite number of data models.

5. Built for scale: Cloud-native architecture with components that scale independently

Scale your applications faster without infrastructure to manage. Tigris is built employing a cloud-native, decoupled architecture with individual components that can be scaled independently to keep performance and scalability high while keeping costs low.

Where to go from here?

You have made it to the end of this page. We hope you are as excited as we are about eliminating data infrastructure complexity and simplifying development of data-rich serverless applications.

Next, we recommend following the Quick Start guide. It gives you a taste of the development workflow with Tigris and takes only around 5-10 minutes to complete.

After completing the quickstart, we recommend browsing through the docs in your own areas of interest, or join our Slack Community to ask any questions you might have.

Finally, we recommend you to signup for the private beta of Tigris Cloud and preview the developer data platform.