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Tigris is the all-in-one open source developer data platform. Use it as a scalable transactional document store. Perform real-time search across your data stores automatically. Build event-driven apps with real-time event streaming. All provided to you through a unified serverless API enabling you to focus on building applications and stop worrying about the data infrastructure.

Learn about Features


Explore our Quickstart to build an application using Tigris Cloud or in your local environment.


Simple and intuitive transactional APIs for storing, querying, and searching JSON documents.

Event Streaming

Build an event streaming application using our publish-subscribe APIs.


Automatically search all your data. Explore the functionality and examples.

Flexible Data Model

Supports a wide variety of applications. JSON-like structure makes it easy to map to the objects in your code.

Language References

Tigris has client drivers in Typescript, Go, and Java. Tigris uses JSON to transmit data and has HTTP interfaces available, allowing integration directly with HTTP APIs.

Sample Projects

Start building RESTful applications using our sample projects which demonstrate an e-commerce website using our client drivers.

Building an Application in Typescript

Building an Application in Go

Building an Application in Java